I’m Kathy or Miss Kathy as the children call me.

As the owner, director and lead teacher of Children’s Corner Family Childcare, I have loved and cared for young children since I was babysitting as a teen. During high school I did an internship at a local daycare center.

After I had the first of my two sons, I opened my first Family Childcare home.  My intent was to run my childcare business till my children were in school.  Now over 30 years later, I’m still doing the job I love.

When my children got older, I went back to school earning my BA in psychology and early childhood education in 2007.  I’ve loved being a part of so many children’s lives over the years, watching them grow, develop, and blossom.

Until recently I had two of my four grandchildren in my childcare. The youngest of my grandchildren is now 7 years old. What an incredibly experience that was for me to be a large part of their early care and education.

My name is Miss Marsha.

Who is Miss Marsha?

I am kind, patient, creative, and funny with a smile.

My husband and I are originally from New York City. I left the field of computers & data entry in 1990 to work in the field of childcare, as a childcare provider in New York City.  We moved to Worcester in 1994 (my husband loves the Red Sox!).  We have two adult children.

I enjoy working with all children, but toddlers are my favorite. I am always wondering what toddlers are thinking and how I can make their school day fun.  Most toddlers love to play, run and have a good time. At any given moment a problem can arise but Miss Marsha comes to the rescue! There is a simple solution to most problems: a hug, a song, book, favorite toy, a nap, drink, cracker and/or a cookie.

My experience includes working with special needs students in the Worcester public schools and the Seven Hills Foundation. I missed the little ones and decided to work at Next Generations Children Center and The Children’s Garden at the VNA.

While I attempted to retire in 2010, while volunteering at the Worcester Senior Center, my friend Kathy called asking me for help. Miss Marsha to the rescue again!  As longtime friends (since 1994), I couldn’t refuse her offer to work with the lovable little ones again. I volunteered in the beginning, but soon after became an employee and we are still going strong with the children every day.

Hi my name is Miss Michele.

Let me tell you a little about myself.

I am new to the daycare scene.  It is very refreshing to work in Worcester because that is where I grew up.  I live in Sturbridge and recently retired.  I worked in the Health Care field for many years as an Office Manager.

Now I am working as a volunteer for Kathy and thoroughly enjoy working with children.  My eyes are now opened as to how smart and amazing young children can be.

My favorite part of the job is when I come to work and the children say “good morning Miss Michele”, and when I’m lucky enough, to get a hug or two.

I am learning so much and have so much more to learn.  I’m happy to have the best and experienced teacher, Kathy.  She is teaching me so much allowing us to both enjoy the learning process.

I take my work very seriously and feel blessed to have the opportunity to work as a daycare Assistant.