Children’s Corner Philosophy

Early literacy and fun is the focal point at Children’s Corner.

Books are always available for the children to look at and read. At Children’s Corner we read to children and encourage children to read to us. Respect for all cultures is evident in the books, toys and posters that decorate the playroom. We also do frequent field trips that enhance the curriculum  of the program.

Parents and caregivers work together as a team with the child as the center of the team. I make it a point to communicate with the parents twice daily; in the morning to learn of the child’s time at home and in the evening at pick-up to inform the parents of the child’s day.

For infants, I use a journal used by both parents and provider.

Children’s Corner follows D.C.A.P. (Developmentally and Culturally Appropriate Practice)  Children learn by doing. Children’s Corner provides the children with hands on learning experiences that is fun for all children.

The  goal Children’s Corner is to have the children enjoy today’s experience at childcare and to look forward to returning tomorrow.